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Walloon Animal Welfare Council 


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Scope/mission statement

When the competence of animal welfare was devolved to the regions by the 6th State Reform, separate animal welfare councils were set up to advise the respective ministers of the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels Capital regions.


The council is composed of 16 members representatives from an animal welfare organization, shelters and other associations ensuring producers, breeders, consumers and veterinarians and also experts from universities, known for their work in relation to animal welfare.


Working Methods 

The Minister, the Walloon Animal Welfare Department or a member of the Council asks the Council for an opinion on a specific subject.

The council gives a notice or designates a working group. The coordinator of the working group can set up a working group of maximum 10 representatives from all parties involved. The working group issues an opinion which has to be submitted successively to the Executive Board and the Council for adoption.

Once adopted, all opinions are sent to the Minister and published on the website.



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Contact details

Secretariat - Dr Bruno Cardinal,

Chaussée de Louvain, 14,

5000 NAMUR