Austrian Animal Welfare Council (AAWC) (‘Österreichischer Tierschutzrat’)


The AAWC was established in 2005 according to the Austrian Animal Protection Law. The AAWC is an advisory body to the responsible Minister of Health in all questions related to the Animal Protection Law. It has several working groups for farm animals, wild animals, etc. where specific topics are discussed with all sorts of experts. However, the council does not have a budget for scientific expertise such as studies. The members of the AAWC are both scientific experts and representatives of major stakeholders in the area


Mission statement
Advisory service to the federal minister of health, which in Austria is responsible for the federal competences in animal welfare (legislation).


According Art. 42 para. (2) TSchG 2010 the TSR consists of 22 members entitled to vote and the chairman without voting power. Members are partly directly named by the law and partly nominated by organisations and appointed by the minister. Members represent stakeholders, i.e. interest groups (NGOs), ministries involved (of Health and of Agriculture), Chamber of commerce, Chamber of veterinarians, Chamber of Labour, Chamber of Agriculture, as well as science (3 Universities, Umbrella- Zoo- Organisation, 1 Federal Research Institute) and the 9 Animal Welfare Ombudsmen (one of each Austrian province).


Working methods
At least two meetings per year. Every member can pose a problem to be discussed on the agenda of a meeting if requested at least three weeks in advance. Decisions are made by absolute majority of the members present. More complex problems or questions are delegated to one of six permanent working groups (1) protection of farm animals, (2) animal welfare at commercial trading of animals, (3) protection of sport-, hobby- and pet animals, (4) protection of wild animals and animals in zoos, (5) protection of animals at transport and (6) general advancement of animal welfare, or to an “ad hoc- working group” which then works out a draft opinion on a specific topic. A public version (with no names) of the minutes of the meetings are published on the website as well as yearly reports.


Contact details
Mag. Susanne Fromwald (Chairman of the Animal Welfare Council)

Dr. Gabriele Damoser (Head of the Administrative Office of the Council)

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit/Federal Ministry of Health

Radetzkystraße 2

A - 1030 Wien/Vienna

Telephone : +43 664 6126706



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Public versions (with no names) of the minutes of the meetings of the Austrian Animal Welfare Council as well as yearly reports are published on the website: