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The Dutch Council on Animal Affairs (Raad voor Dierenaangelegenheden RDA) is an independent expert panel which advices the minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality on issues regarding animal welfare and animal health. The advice is based on the latest scientific, social and ethical developments. The Council on Animal Affairs deals with issues across the spectrum of public policy on animals: about farm, companion, laboratory, semi-wild and wild animals. 



The Council on Animal Affairs consists of a wide range of independent experts. They are either scientific experts or experts in a specific field of animal husbandry. Experts of the latter category are appointed in the Council for their specific knowledge and/or their network in their respective fields.


All members of the Council are appointed in a personal capacity: their membership is therefore independent and without charge or consultation. Members of the Council working in a specific field of animal husbandry are by no means representatives of any sector or organization.


Working methods 

The Dutch Council on Animal Affairs gives the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality solicited and unsolicited advice on multidisciplinary issues in the field of animal welfare and health. From the Council’s members a Forum is formed per subject to be treated. Members can indicate for themselves for which project they want to provide input as a Forum member. A Forum is supported by a deputy secretary, who will compose an advisory report on the treated subject from all the Forum’s input and the outcome of its considerations. In an advisory report the scientific and social background of an issue is further detailed, and an advice on solutions and policy directions for dilemma’s is given. Prior to publication the report is assessed by all Council members. However, consensus is not necessary: an advisory report can contain minority opinions.



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