Norwegian Council of Animal Ethics


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Scope/mission statement


Stay informed and consider the principle ethical aspects of all types of animal husbandry and use, as well as the relationship with wildlife.

Assess direct and indirect use of biotechnological principles on animals.

Assess the ethical aspects of modern breeding and animal husbandry, including conservation of genetic diversity and consideration of wild biological resources.

Assess the need for changes in existing legislation and management practices and, on this basis, advise the authorities regarding the supervision in the animal welfare area.

Contribute to ongoing debate on animal ethical issues in society and conduct attitude-building work.



One leader, background varies

One representative from aquatic research

One representative from aquatic industry

One representative from terrestrial research

One representative from terrestrial industry

One representative of the animal protection organisations

One ethicist (prof. of philosophy)

One secretary, scientist working the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (not formerly a Council member)


All members are appointed for four years at the time by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Some members, including the leader, can sit for several periods.

The secretary – financed by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute – is not formally a Council member, but holds the only paid position associated with the council.


Working methods

The Council receives inquiries from the Food Safety Authority, politicians, NGOs, the media, practicing veterinarians, students, private persons etc., but is independent and free to choose which topics to discuss and write statements about. Council members generally meet four times per year, including one excursion related to an ongoing statement. In addition, statement drafts etc. are circulated via mail. The Council hosts an annual Animal Ethics Conference in Oslo. Previous topics have included animal breeding, wolf management and fish welfare.


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Norwegian Council of Animal Ethics

Kristian Ellingsen-Dalskau

Norwegian Veterinary Institute

PO Box 750 Sentrum

N-0106 Oslo


+47 917 02 970