The Animal Ethics Council (Det Dyreetiske Råd)


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Scope/mission statement

The Council produces statements regarding the protection of animals based on ethical considerations. The Ministry of Environment and Food can consult the Council when drafting animal welfare legislation or when general issues relating to animal welfare arise. Furthermore, the Council provides information to and engage in public debate about animal welfare and ethics.



The Animal Ethics Council consists of at least eleven members who are appointed for 3 years at a time by the Minister of Environment and Food. Some of the Council's members are appointed based on recommendations from relevant stakeholder organisations. Two members are appointed on the recommendation of animal welfare organisations, two on the recommendation of farmers' associations and one member is appointed on the recommendation of the Consumer Council. The remaining members are appointed independently of any affiliation with a specific organisation. The minister must ensure that the combination of members cover expert knowledge on relevant subjects.


Working methods

The Animal Ethics Council produces statements on request of the Minister of Environment and Food or on its own initiative. The Council also makes consultation responses on legislative proposals concerning animal welfare. The Council’s considerations are based on both scientific knowledge, practical experience and ethical concerns. External scientific experts and relevant stakeholder organisations are consulted when appropriate. Activities aimed at the public include participation in conferences, fairs, public debate, and communication through a members’ blog and Twitter.



All statements and selected opinions can be found on the Animal Ethics Council’s website (in Danish):


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The Animal Ethics Council

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