Denmark, The Animal Ethics Council



Name of Organisation 

The Animal Ethics Council (Det Dyreetiske Råd)



The Council produces statements regarding the protection of animals based on ethical considerations. The Ministry of Environment and Food can consult the Council when drafting animal welfare legislation or when general issues relating to animal welfare arise. Furthermore, the Council seeks to provide information and stimulate public debate about animal welfare and ethics.



The Animal Ethics Council consists of twelve members who are appointed for 3 years by the minister of environment and food. Two members are appointed on the recommendation of animal welfare organisations, two on the recommendation of farmers' organisations and one member on the recommendation of the Consumer Council. The minister seeks to ensure that the members cover expert knowledge on relevant subjects.


Contact details:

The Animal Ethics Council

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Slotsholmsgade 12

1216 Copenhagen


e-mail: att. The Animal Ethics Council


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Publications (titles in English – all are available in Danish on the Council’s website):  

1992 Statement on animal experimentation (available in English)
1992 Statement on hunting with bow and arrow
1993 Statement on pig production (available in English)
1994 Statement on the keeping of dangerous animals and animals which are likely to cause fear
1995 Statement on the production of broilers and other poultry for slaughtering
1995 Statement on organic animal production
1996 Statement on animal biotechnology
1997 Statement on ritual slaughter
1997 Statement on pest control
1998 Statement on the keeping of horses
1998 Statement on the use of the “Ovum-Pick-Up”- technique for collection of oocytes from cattle
1998 Statement concerning de-registration of certain drugs for horses
1998 Statement on the breeding of animals that are prone to birth difficulties
1999 Statement on the breeding of dogs and cats
1999 Statement on the ethical aspects of medical and surgical treatment of pets
2000 Statement on tail docking of dogs
2000 Discussion paper on cloning and cloning related techniques
2001 Statement on cloning of animals
2001 Statement on laying hens
2002 Statement on cloning
2003 Statement on fur production
2004 Statement on cats
2005 Statement on ritual slaughter
2006 Statement on hunting with birds of prey
2006 Statement on dairy cows
2006 Statement on humans’ sexual relations with animals
2007 Man or mouse? Report on ethical aspects of chimaera research (available in English)
2008 Statement on companion and hobby animals
2010 Statement on hunting
2012 Statement on market driven animal welfare
2013 Statement on angling
2014 Statement on the keeping of poultry for production of eggs and meat
2015 Information about animal ethics, animal welfare and the work of the Animal Ethics Council