Name of organisation 

Farm Animal Advisory Welfare Council




Scope/ Mission statement

It’s terms of reference are: 

  • To identify ways in which the welfare of farm animals can be further improved and to prioritise areas requiring attention.
  • At the request of the Minister/Department, to consider and advise on proposals for EU and national legislation relating to farm animals.
  • To consider ways of increasing public awareness and development and dissemination of information relating to welfare of farm animals at home and abroad.
  • To provide any other advice relevant to the welfare of farm anivals as the Minister may seek from time to time. 

The Council has adopted the best farm animal husbandry practices and welfare standards, which take account of the basic needs, known as the FIVE FREEDOMS:



1           Freedom from hunger and thirst and malnutrition

2           Freedom from discomfort

3           Freedom from pain, injury and disease

4           Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour

5           Freedom from fear and distress


Comprised of representatives from a wide range of interest groups: farm organisations, animal welfare groups, veterinarians, those involved in animal transport, Teagasc, the Veterinary College and DAFF, and reflecting the North/South dimension, a representative from DARD in Belfast. 

Contact details

The  Secretary

Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Agriculture House

Dublin 2 Ireland

telephone:     003531 6072049

fax:              003531 6767126


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