Raad voor Dierenaangelegenheden (RDA)

Scope/Mission statement

The Council on Animal Affairs is an expert panel advising the minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality on issues regarding animal welfare and animal health. The Council's advice is based on the latest scientific, social and ethical developments. The Council's views cover farm and companion animals, horses, zoo animals and semi- and nonkept animals.  

Short outline of structure

The Council on Animal Affairs consists of independent experts. These experts are either scientific experts or experts in a specific field of animal husbandry. Experts of the latter category are appointed in the Council for their specific knowledge and/or their network in their respective fields.


All members of the Council are appointed in a personal capacity: their membership is therefore independent and without charge or consultation. Members of the Council working in a specific field of animal husbandry are by no means representatives of any sector or organisation.


The Council comprises of a wide range of experts. As the members of the Council will be asked to participate in a certain Forum (see Outline of working methods underneath) when their specific expertise is required there is no formal restriction set to the number of members in the Council.  


Recent reports

  • Managing the Stray Cat Population
  • Getting our Teeth into Dog Bites
  • Animal welfare for sale!
  • Horse Markets in the Netherlands
  • Fish Welfare
  • Invertebrates as production animals
  • Animal procedures for the livestock sector

All publications of the Council on Animal Affairs from 1995 till now are available in English and can be found on our english website. 

Contact details


J. (Jan) Staman DVM LLM


First Secretary

M.H.W. (Marc) Schakenraad (MSc)

cell phone number: (0) 6 53 34 06 33



Management Assistant

P.A. (Paola) van Bladeren-Tukker

P.O. Box 20401


The Netherlands

phone number: (0) 31 70 378 5266