Extreme breeding of dogs

Based on this discussion EuroFAWC’s participants of the meeting in 2013 (Belgrade) came to next statements regarding extreme breeding of dogs:

  •          EuroFAWC is concerned about the dog breeds which inherently cause pain and suffering of the animals bred.
  •          Breeding of dogs should not lead to overtyping, inbreeding and genetic disorders, which knowingly cause pain and suffering.
  •          EuroFAWC concludes that the visual appearance of dogs should not be prioritised over their welfare.
  •          Dog breeding is the responsibility of breeders, breeding associations (including their judges) and puppy buyers.
  •          EuroFAWC asks the European Union, in particular the European Commission, to take action to safeguard the welfare of these animals.

EuroFAWC strongly encourages the international breeding associations to revise their breeding standards to safeguard the welfare of the dogs bred by these standards.