Piglet Castration

EuroFAWC conclusions on Piglet Castration


 As discussed in the EuroFAWC- meeting in January 2009 in Vienna.


  • Castration of pigs is a mutilation and should not be carried out without strong justification
  • Where castration is necessary, it should be carried out with minimal pain, suffering and distress
  • Pain relief should be given, and thus efforts should be made to ensure that practical means of delivering pain relief is available as soon as possible


  • Castration could be avoided if
    1. Boar taint could be detected at the abattoir
    2. Semen could be sexed without detrimental effects to the offspring
  • The preferred methods of castration in terms of animal welfare are:
    1. Immunocastration, provided the welfare of entire males can be ensured
    2. Castration with anaesthesia and post-operative analgesia and care